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Nowadays it is not uncommon to work from a desktop, a laptop, maybe both, and other mobile devices. So ideally, you would like to have your important files available at all times - on all your devices.

As well as your files being on your devices, you would also like to easily share some of those files with work colleagues and acquaintances. And, any changes to your files should be shown by automatically updating the copies. What can help you to do that?

Hello, and welcome to CERNBox!

CERNBox provides 'cloud' data storage to anyone who has a standard CERN computing account. You can store your data, share it and synchronise it across devices - smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, the lot!

CERNBox overview

The data can be accessed from any Web browser or file explorer, and you decide which data you want to share with other individuals or groups of collaborators. You can, for example, keep your folders on CERNBox and synchronise only the ones you use often, or you can synchronise part of the interesting data from your experiment on to your laptop for testing.

CERNBox also integrates with some applications to allow collaborative editing of interactive notebooks for Physics analysis, as well as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files. Refer to the relevant chapter for more details.

Cloud storage explained

CERNBox is built on top of Owncloud (open source software) and uses EOS (the CERN disk storage system for physics data) as the storage backend.

CERNBox provides 'cloud storage', meaning that your data is not only available locally, on your desktop, for example, but is also in the 'cloud'.

From the 'cloud' you can easily access your data - at anytime, from anywhere, on any device. An internet or cell phone connection will enable you to have the very latest version of your data in real-time. Better still, if your colleagues share and synchronise data with you, then their data is also available for you to access via CERNBox.

The 'cloud' data is stored on physical machines, of course. These machines (also known as 'servers') can be based anywhere in the world. CERNBox's cloud storage servers are in the CERN Data Centre.

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